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Record lows in Provo, Utah mean only one thing—it’s crucial that your home’s heating system is up to the task. Fortunately, GNL Heating & Cooling has you covered with quality, fast and affordable installation, maintenance and repair services. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve been the region’s leading heating experts since 1990. In 2014, Provo reached an astonishing low of three degrees, a bone chilling temperature that hasn’t happened since 1955. You and your loved ones deserve to stay warm and comfortable even during the chilliest of nights. More


You deserve to have complete control over the temperature in your home and business year-round. Unfortunately, sometimes HVAC systems are overdue for maintenance or give out at the most inopportune times. Without routine inspections, they might not perform as well as they should—and that can be troublesome during hot summer months. Sometimes they simply give out at short notice, leaving Provo residents with no relief, which isn’t just uncomfortable but even risky on exceptionally warm days. More

Indoor Air Quality

Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of bad air, whether it’s at a bonfire or in an old building in serious need of repairs, knows that air quality is one element where you can’t compromise. You may not be able to do much about the pollution outside (and luckily Provo boasts some great air quality), but you can have total control over the air quality in your home or office. With GNL Heating and Cooling on your side, you won’t just be more comfortable—you’ll also be promoting health and safety at the same time. Heating and cooling are our specialties, but creating and maintaining indoor air quality is our foundation. More

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