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You deserve to have complete control over the temperature in your home and business year-round. Unfortunately, sometimes HVAC systems are overdue for maintenance or give out at the most inopportune times. Without routine inspections, they might not perform as well as they should—and that can be troublesome during hot summer months. Sometimes they simply give out at short notice, leaving Provo residents with no relief, which isn’t just uncomfortable but even risky on exceptionally warm days.


Consider GNL Heating and Cooling your go-to resource for all your HVAC needs. Keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the chill, we have one goal: To ensure that all of our Provo neighbors are comfortable year-round. It’s easy to put cooling system maintenance on the back burner, even when summer is right around the corner. Average highs in the area peak to the low 90s in July (and then there are those over 100 degree-days), which is enough to have you working up a sweat if your cooling system is on the blink. You deserve better—and cooler—than that.


Stay Cool


It doesn’t matter what type of cooling system you have—we install, service, repair and maintain them all. Window air conditioners, split A/Cs, swamp coolers, packaged systems and central systems all fall under our specialty. But we don’t stop there. The “other guys” might promise a 90-day guarantee, which is just enough to get you through the summer months, but what about the other seasons? We offer a full year guarantee on all repairs and services. You won’t be going into next summer with a subpar A/C system that’s only good for propping open windows.


We install new HVAC systems, oversee the cooling systems in new construction projects, remodels such as add-ons and upgrade your current system if you own an older vintage property. We also carry the highest rated products on the market from both Carrier and Rheem, and can install these or any brand you desire.


Financing? No Problem.


Whether you have the cash for a heating and cooling system or not, we have financing available so you aren’t burdened with the price of a new system all at once. Don’t let the heat get to you, or suffer through a heat wave needlessly. Your home is your castle, and every castle needs a cooling system that’s fit for royalty and built (and installed) to last.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Repair in Provo, UT

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